November 2, 2012

5 Ways Commissioning Benefits the Contractor

I recently attended a construction kick off meeting that started off as many of them do. After introducing myself as the Commissioning agent to the general and electrical contractors I sensed that they might have been a bit weary of me and my intentions. But once I gave a brief explanation of the Commissioning process, and how it provides quality control that benefits everyone, the contractors seemed to warm up to me. While Commissioning might appear threatening at times to various stakeholders it truly is the opposite. Commissioning helps to protect everyone and provides reassurance that efficiencies are being achieved and there is less ‘clean up’ work to do at the end of the project. So, in this blog I will briefly outline CFMS’s role in Commissioning and how it can benefit just one of the many stakeholders, the contractor.

The Commissioning process starts during the design stage, and continues through construction to the end of warranty. During the Design Stage CFMS will review the tender documents and work with the design team to ensure the owners’ requirements are met. During the Construction Stage we witness static and dynamic tests, and report to the design team items which may hinder the system performance. As construction comes to completion, CFMS will observe the functional testing conducted by the contractors and assist with the training requirements. Additionally, we review the O&M manuals and develop a Systems Operation Manual. At the time of Post Construction Stage, we visit the site to review completed deficiencies, perform seasonal testing and complete a warranty walk through.

Benefits to the Contractor:

  1. Reduced call backs.
  2. Higher customer satisfaction.
  3. Confidence the equipment is performing as designed.
  4. Confidence your sub trades have completed their work.
  5. Team approach to problem solving.

For more information on how CFMS’s Commissioning services can benefit your next project call us at 905.787.9449 and speak with Chris Aaltonen.

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