November 13, 2012

Energy Management: Re/Retro-Commissioning

We have come a long way in a short time in terms of awareness and more importantly, action regarding energy conservation. In the past year, Energy Management has been one of three forum topics that CFMS spoke to (Stay tuned for more info on upcoming events!).

In October, CFMS had the privilege to present and be involved in the 2012 Facility Energy Management Workshop. There were representatives from across Canada, presenting on opportunities for business energy conservation and management. Not only is energy conservation and management good for what everyone’s concerned about – saving money – it also has an impact on the environment. It was exciting to see the number of people genuinely interested in reducing their environmental footprint.

LEED certainly put the greening of buildings on the itinerary for architecture, construction, interior design, building owners, real estate and others, though in the past 10 years it seems that programs, incentives and prospects for greening are popping up everywhere. The regional power companies have created programs to organize conservation and get anyone involved, from individuals to businesses across Canada.

With Ontario being the home base for CFMS Consulting, I find the Ontario Power Authority website the most interesting resource on energy management; although all provinces offer exciting programs.

I am proud that CFMS is part of making a difference. Contact us to find out more about Re/Retro-Commissioning opportunities that are part of energy conservation and management today!

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