October 23, 2012

Total Building Commissioning for LCBO – Yours to Discover!

Marandi License Plate

Yours to discover!

Working at CFMS has given me some wonderful opportunities with my latest posting on the LCBO assignment. It is affording me the chance to see this amazing province, Ontario. I am enjoying the summer and taking in all the sites along the way while I driving from south to north and east to west throughout the province.

Interested to know what we are doing?

We are providing total building commissioning for LCBO stores across Ontario. Our job includes: reviewing mechanical and electrical drawings, site visits, reviewing test reports, performance and functional testing while working very closely with project team.

Our goal is to ensure that the LCBO project team is opening the new stores on time without deficiencies and providing the best possible comfort level for customers and staff to experience.

Stay tuned for a collection of photo’s showcasing each city I have visited.

Call us if you are interested in learning more about TBC and how our team can help your building process.

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