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Etobicoke, ON

10 Four Seasons Place

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CFMS provided retro commissioning services as required under LEED V4 O&M Existing Buildings. HVAC systems consist of a condenser water plant with cooling towers and boilers, hot water heating plant, domestic cold water booster system, domestic hot water systems, constant volume air handling units, heat pumps, supply and exhaust fans and miscellaneous electric heating. The building has full DDC control down to and including the individual spaces.

Services provided by CFMS:

·         Assistance in preparations on the Current Facility Requirements document

·         Preparation of the Retro Commissioning Plan

·         Point-to-point verification of BAS control points

·         Functional verification of HVAC control sequences

·         Preparation of the Retro Commissioning Report including Issues and Resolution log

·         Seasonal performance testing of HVAC systems

·         LEED EAc1 – Existing Building Commissioning – Analysis

·         LEED EAc2 – Existing Building Commissioning – Implementation

·         LEED EAc3 – Ongoing Commissioning

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