Total Building Commissioning


Commissioning is a quality control program that applies in-depth building and engineering knowledge to minimize risk and ensure buildings realize their full potential. It’s a key part of overall quality control for all construction projects, and should ideally be applied to the design, construction and operation of any new building. The size and complexity of the building is what determines the level of commissioning required.

Commissioning is an industry standard; a building commissioning consultant (BCC) is generally hired by the building owner to manage the process. Research has shown that it is most successful when conducted by an outside agency like CFMS that operates independently of the design team.

CFMS services include:

  • Total Building Commissioning
  • Commissioning Management
  • LEED Commissioning
  • RCx and Retro Commissioning

Our Total Building Commissioning Services are available at any stage of your project, from initial design to the first year of operation. We will develop a detailed commissioning plan designed that has goals in mind and reflects the size and complexity of your building.


Design Phase

  • Document building owner’s requirements and design intent
  • Prepare commissioning plan and responsibilities
  • Prepare commissioning specification sections
  • Review drawings for items pertaining to commissioning

Construction Phase

  • Prepare test forms, scheduling forms and process management forms
  • Monitor and report on process
  • Assist with installation verification

Performance Testing

  • Monitor all contractors' testing work
  • Verify contractors’ performance testing
  • Conduct independent performance testing to verify that building systems provide design intent performance

Documentation and Training

  • Review operating and maintenance manuals
  • Prepare systems operating manual
  • Review as-built documentation
  • Coordinate contractor training
  • Conduct systems operations training


  • The design and construction teams turn over the building to the operating staff and ensure all vital operating documentation has been detailed

First year operation

  • Conduct seasonal performance testing and continue with operations training and review O&M procedures
  • Continue commissioning post construction and final testing into the first year to ensure all systems are working properly and move efficiently from heating season to cooling season

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