Retro Commissioning

Help for inefficient buildings

Do you have failing systems? Could your building be more efficient? It’s not too late to make it better. Retro Commissioning is an in-depth quality control process for existing buildings that didn’t undergo commissioning during construction, and don’t have reference documentation available.

Many structures have gone up without Total Building Commissioning. Now building operators looking to improve efficiencies or those looking to apply for LEED EB have an excellent option for quality control and performance optimization.

Like Total Building Commissioning, Retro Commissioning verifies that systems are running as per design and plan, if available, but with an added layer; our consultants will recommend improvements to the overall operation of the building, which will improve energy efficiency and occupant comfort. They focus on wear and updates to energy-consuming systems, and pinpoint changes in building use to identify operational and maintenance issues to be addressed.

Ready to make your building better?

Call us for a free consultation. We will be happy to evaluate your building, and talk to you about the benefits of Retro Commissioning.

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