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HVAC systems consist of a condenser water system with hot water heating boilers, cooling towers and heat exchanger, hot water heating plant, glycol heating systems, pool heating system, domestic hot water plant, domestic cold water booster system, air handling units, heat pumps, supply and exhaust fans, split AC units and miscellaneous heating equipment.  The building has both DDC control for major equipment and systems and local equipment control.

Services provided by CFMS:

·         Preparation of the Commissioning Plan

·         Commissioning coordination

·         Installation review from a commissioning prospective

·         Witnessing dynamic contractor tests

·         Verification of DDC system and BAS

·         100% performance testing of major HVAC systems

·         20% performance testing of terminal HVAC units

·         Co-ordination of mechanical & electrical equipment and systems training

·         Development of systems design & operation manual

·         Seasonal performance testing of HVAC systems.


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