Clients & Projects

Toronto, ON

Bloorview Research Institute

The research expansion will feature private and teamwork spaces as well as discovery hubs, which will allow for innovations in machine learning, music and arts, rapid prototyping among other fields.  Designed with accessibility in mind, the project included a renovation to the fourth floor and a two-floor expansion.  The fourth floor renovation created a more open and modern work environment, allowing for collaboration and individual work.  The two-floor expansion creates more space for new discovery hubs, research teams and state-of-the-art research equipment.

HVAC systems installed include for the following:


·        VAV boxes with reheat coils

·        Exhaust fan


·        Air Handling Unit with energy recovery and humidification

·        VAV boxes with reheat coils and radiant ceiling panels

·        Fan coil units with heating and cooling coils

·        Exhaust fans

Services provided by CFMS:

·       Contract document review

·       Preparation of the Commissioning Plan

·       Installation review from a commissioning perspective

·       Verification of DDC system and BAS graphics interface

·       100% performance testing of all major HVAC systems

·       100% Performance testing of LV lighting system

·       Preparation of the System Operations Manual

·       Seasonal performance testing of HVAC systems

·       Post occupancy reviews


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