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Brampton, ON

Brampton Sandalwood Transit Maintenance Expansion

The expansion of the City of Brampton’s existing Transit Facility included for:

A)       The addition of two single-storey bus circulation/storage garages.

B)       The expansion and renovation of the administration areas. 

Services provided by CFMS:

  • Testing of HVAC and miscellaneous mechanical systems
  • Performance testing of HVAC systems
  • Verification of electrical systems
  • Coordination of mechanical and electrical equipment and systems training
  • Preparation of the Systems Operation Manual
  • Seasonal performance testing of HVAC systems

HVAC and plumbing systems include for:

  • Custom roof top units (100% fresh air with heat recovery) for garage ventilation.
  • Roof-mounted A/C unit and split A/C unit for Administration expansion.
  • Exhaust and gas detection system for bus wash/fueling lane.
  • Diesel fuel dispensing system for new bus wash/fueling lane.
  • Gas fired infra-red heaters.
  • Extension of existing garage ‘compressed air’ system.
  • New bus wash system.
  • Oil interceptor system.

Electrical system additions include for:

  • Fire alarm system
  • PA system
  • Security (CCTV) system
  • GPS bus tracking system (by City of Brampton)
  • Emergency lighting and lighting controls

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