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Abuja, Nigeria

Canadian Chancery - Abuja

This three storey 20,000 square-foot Government designated building includes for guard house, administration offices, public facilities, and support spaces.

Services provided by CFMS:

M&E system drawing and specification review during ‘CD’ stage

Preparation of commissioning (Cx) specifications and Cx Plan

Multiple site visits to review the M&E installations and manage the Cx process

Verification of DDC system and BAS

Performance testing of HVAC systems

Preparation of the mechanical and electrical equipment and systems training schedules

HVAC systems include for:

Roof-mounted AHU (with VAV supply air) for ventilation and cooling of main building.

Heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) for fresh air provisions for fan coils.

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) fan coil units for cooling of public waiting areas and multi-purpose rooms.

Split A/C units for cooling of ER, DDC, MITNET, ICACS & CCR rooms, stairs, guard house, and pump room.

Exhaust fans serving kitchen, lunch room and main building/guard house washrooms.

Plumbing systems include for:

Domestic hot water heating system.

Domestic water treatment and storage system.

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