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Scarborough, Ontario

Centennial College Ashtonbee Campus Renewal Project

Centennial College’s Ashtonbee Campus houses the largest training school for transportation technology in Canada.  The project includes a new Library, Administration Areas, Student Hub, Student Centre, Bookstore, Gymnasium/Fitness Rooms, and Data Centre.

Services Provided by CFMS:

Shadowed LEED NC guidelines and scope of work for Fundamental (EAp1) and Enhanced (EAc3) commissioning.

× Review of design stage documentation

× Review of contractor submittals

× Verification of the mechanical and lighting control system installations

× Verification of DDC system and BAS

× Commissioning co-ordination

× Functional testing of HVAC and lighting control systems

× Performance testing of HVAC systems during both peak heating and cooling seasons

× Co-ordination of mechanical and electrical equipment and systems training

× Preparation and presentation of re-commissioning manual

HVAC systems include for:

× Revised chilled water plant to serve the existing and new buildings.

× Updated heating water plant for perimeter heating and glycol HEs (for AHU H/Cs) serving new building.

× Custom AHUs with SF & RF VFDs, heat recovery, cooling, glycol heating & gas-fired humidification.

× Data Room CRAC system.

× In-floor slab heating.

× EMR A/C units.

× Sanitary exhaust and mechanical room ventilation.

× Local domestic hot water tanks.

x Refrigerant leak detection system. 

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