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Toronto, ON

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

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CFMS coordinated, implemented and completed the LEED requirements to satisfy the EAp1 pre-requisite and EAc3 credit with the following tasks at CAMH for Buildings B2, C2 & G1 as follows:- review of M&E drawings and specifications during the design stage and up to IFC submission- review of OPR vs design intent and basis of design- development of Cx plan and attendance at regular Cx meetings- review of contractors shop drawing submittals for energy-consuming equipment- review of mechanical installations during construction phase with respect to commissioning issues- witnessing of various M&E static and dynamic on-site testing- independent commissioning of HVAC systems, utilizing associated EMCS, and locally controlled equipment- coordinating and overseeing (including video-taping) the various M&E training sessions- review of submitted turnover documentation for completeness- development and submission of re-commissioning manual- submission of final commissioning report- seasonal testing of HVAC systems- submission of 10 month occupancy and IAQ plan.

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