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Toronto, ON

Cummer Avenue United Church

This 3-storey, fully finished place of worship, including roof-level mechanical systems, was renovated with accessible space, flexible usage and the long-term needs of the community in mind. 

Mechanical & plumbing systems consist of: Fourteen (14) furnaces (c/w two stage gas-fired heating, two stage DX cooling, fresh air VAV duct connection and supply fan), fourteen (14) roof-mounted condensing units, one (1) rooftop energy recovery ventilator (c/w heat recovery, two stage electric pre-heat, glycol heating coil, supply fan, exhaust fan and toilet exhaust fan for heat recovery), make-up air unit c/w hood exhaust system serving the kitchen, hot water heating perimeter radiation, exhaust fans serving washrooms, laundry and kitchen as well as new pumps / piping for ERV hot water and glycol loop, boilers, hot water recirculation, hot water perimeter radiation and sanitary. 

Services provided by CFMS:

·       Contract document review

·       Preparation of commissioning plan and testing documentation

·       Installation review from a commissioning perspective

·       Verify completion of static & dynamic contractor tests

·       Verification of DDC system 

·       Performance testing of HVAC control system

·       Seasonal performance testing of HVAC systems

·       Post-occupancy reviews & resolution of commissioning issues


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