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Toronto, ON

Seneca College - Odeyto Indigenous Centre

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Seneca College’s Odeyto Indigenous Centre located on the Newnham Campus is a multipurpose facility that is home to FirstPeoples@Seneca.  It has office space, a computer lab, kitchen and space dedicated to Indigenous Elders.  It’s the only destination for Indigenous teaching, learning and gathering of its kind between the 401 and Barrie.  Architecturally, the design was inspired by both a canoe and a longhouse. 

HVAC systems consist of stand-alone unit ventilator (c/w HRW, hot water heating coil, DX cooling coil & steam humidification), HW heating system (extending from existing) serving unit ventilator, VAV box reheat coils, FFHs & perimeter WF radiation.

Services provided by CFMS:

·       Contract document &SD submittal reviews

·       Installation review of mechanical systems from a commissioning prospective

·       Verification of HVAC Systems

·       Review of TAB and O&M manuals

·       Seasonal performance testing of HVAC systems.

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