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Mississauga, ON

TD SEED Concept Branch

A new TD Bank commercial branch designed and constructed based to provide a future prototypical design element. The building includes a geothermal heat pump loop and photovoltaic system.

Site Statistics:

Gross Floor Area: 3,500 sq.ft.

Construction Costs: $3.2 Million

Services provided by CFMS:

LEED NC Fundamental Commissioning (EAp1)

LEED NC Enhanced Commissioning (EAc3)

  • Review of design stage documentation
  • Review of contractor submittals
  • Verification of the mechanical and lighting control system installations
  • Verification of DDC system and BAS
  • Commissioning co-ordination
  • Functional testing of HVAC and lighting control systems
  • Performance testing of HVAC systems during both peak heating and cooling seasons
  • Co-ordination of mechanical and electrical equipment and systems training
  • Preparation and presentation of systems operating manual


  • Benefits or Results:

CFMS ensured all mechanical HVAC systems and lighting control systems were constructed and operating as intended.

CFMS assisted with dialogue between the design and construction teams to ensure mechanical and lighting control systems could be installed  to the design intent requirements.

CFMS ensured the building automation system was installed and operating per the design intent requirements. With the tight deadlines CFMS had to work alongside the contractors to ensure deadlines were met.

  • Any memorable stories or examples of issues encountered

The building was originally designed to be a “net-zero energy building”, but due to budget concerns, the majority of solar panels which were intended to generate electricity and feed back to Hydro were removed. The building HVAC system remained unchanged, and were designed to meet stringent indoor quality criteria. It was extremely important to ensure the mechanical systems operated to their intended design performance. The building would operate to maintain warmer temperatures in the summer and cooler temperatures in the winter.

The two important items would be to ensure HVAC systems operated to their design intent, and building occupants were well aware of the building design and requirements to achieve such low energy consumption. The staff was trained to understand the building was designed for warmer summer temperatures and cooler winter temperatures. They were trained on the differences from in design strategy from standard buildings to this ‘deep-green’ design.

  • How CFMS made a difference

CFMS helped ensure a fully operational mechanical and lighting control system was handed over to the Owner at the completion of the project. Through the commissioning process, we were able to sort through any items of concern and work with the design and construction team to provide the Owner with building systems that work.

CFMS provided assistance and guidance during first year of operation of the building. As issues arose with maintaining indoor environmental conditions, CFMS was able to review the problems and provide resolutions.

During the initial winter season, bank employees were providing feedback that the branch was too cold. CFMS reviewed and confirmed performance of the HVAC systems and ensured they were operating to their performance requirements. To correct the issue at hand, CFMS worked with the design and construction teams to provide resolution for heating complaints.

During the initial summer cooling season, bank employees were providing feedback that the branch was too hot. CFMS again reviewed and confirmed performance of the HVAC systems in providing cooling to the performance requirements. CFMS found some equipment was not operating as required and provided corrective action to the construction team.

CFMS worked with the construction team to ensure the building would be operational for the scheduled “Opening Day”. Although systems were not 100% commissioned at the time, the majority of mechanical and lighting controls were commissioned and operating, whereas any remaining deficiencies were followed up on and completed

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