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Toronto, ON

University of Toronto - School of Graduate Studies

The School of Graduate Studies is a heritage-listed building that required interior renovations, along with electrical, HVAC, and security upgrades.  The renovation restored heritage features and improved services.  It was built in 1872 and was once residence to political leaders before being taken over by Knox College in 1910.  It has served as a residence in the past, and was divided up over the years but now recalls the splendor of years past.  It is open to the public but serves mostly U of T graduate students who defend their theses and dissertations there. 
HVAC systems consist of a chiller, energy recovery ventilator with enthalpy wheel / heating coil / cooling coil, fan coil units to serve individual spaces throughout building, glycol chiller pumps and exhaust fan. The building systems are under the control of the university automation system (EMRS).

Services provided by CFMS:

·         Preparation of Commissioning Plan

·         Commissioning coordination

·         Installation review from a commissioning prospective

·         Witnessing static and dynamic contractor tests

·         Verification of EMRS

·         100% performance testing of HVAC systems

·         Co-ordination & recording of mechanical equipment and systems training

·         Review of O&M Manual

·         Seasonal performance testing of HVAC systems.


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