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March 24, 2021

Canoe Landing Campus in the News!

You can't seem to miss write ups on Canoe Landing Schools, Community Recreation Centre, and Child Care Campus this year.  It's not surprising really, being an innovative solution to serve the families in the downtown core, where there once was a gaping hole for all the campus has to offer.  While it's a shame that it opened in 2020 - during the worldwide pandemic, making it impossible for people to take full advantage of all the amenities offered - it's not surprising it's caught the attention of many publications.  It's hard to miss when you pass through downtown Toronto along the Gardiner Expressway, the green roof and eye catching design standing out amongst the surrounding high rise residential buildings.

CFMS is proud to have this ZAS Architects designed project as part of our portolio.  Our Commissioning Project Manager Jurij Dziuba has this to say about it:

"The Canoe Landing Community Centre and Schools project has been written up in many architectural forums over the last year, all with great reviews. The facility has provided much needed school space for the area and a large community centre with a variety of activity spaces for public use. Being involved with the mechanical and electrical systems serving the building, we tend to focus on the hidden features that provide occupant comfort - heating, cooling, lighting, solar energy, etc., but we do like to step back and appreciate the facility as a whole. As the project has been finished, we get a sense of gratification that being involved with such a spectacular facility will provide great use for the local community and serve it’s purpose in bringing people together."

Check out some of the write ups for an in-depth look into this outstanding project:

It's sure to pave the way as an exemplary model of creating community in urban settings, and become an award winner in many areas!

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