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March 7, 2019

CFMS pleased to become Supplier Partner with OECM

CFMS is pleased to officially announce we are a Supplier Partner with OECM, providing HVAC Commissioning services.  We are looking forward working with them to provide superior commissioning services to an expanded list of clients.

Here is what OECM has to say:

"HVAC commissioning has become an indispensable part of any construction project. Our agreements offer HVAC commissioning services for new buildings, as well as HVAC recommissioning and retrocommissioning for existing buildings.

Our agreements provide quality assurance services to ensure that building systems work by the original design intent. The agreements also offer reduced operation and maintenance costs, energy savings, and improved indoor air quality solutions.

Our supplier partners are specialized in total building commissioning services and provide a comprehensive set of solutions to help all customers meet their short and long-term goals, and to provide an added level of control and assurance that your project is being completed accordingly."

Visit OECM to learn more, and register for the online information session.


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