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January 3, 2023

North East Scarborough Community Recreation and Child Care Centre featured in Daily Commercial News

As it's the new year, here is a project we are looking forward to ramping up progress in the coming year - the North East Scarborough Community Recreation and Child Care Centre, targeting to be Toronto's first net-zero community centre.  Last month it was featured in the Daily Commercial News, which cites Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation's statement:

“Extensive third-party commissioning, testing and monitoring will be done throughout the construction process to ensure that stringent requirements of achieving net-zero are met,”

We couldn't be prouder to be the third-party commissioning company for this project, being build within the Rouge Valley Watershed, and designed by Perkins & Will.  We are partnering with S&A Footprint (providing Measurement and Verification), Pretium (providing Building Envelope Cx) and Lonergan Engineering (providing ULC-S1001 OBC Requirement services).

The 94,000 square foot facility will feature a 25-lane swimming pool, a gym large enough to accomodate a cricket pitch and fitness studio, and child care, employing a unique stacked design to reduce the footprint and maximize utilization of the park space.  

Read the full article to learn more HERE.

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