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September 28, 2018

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for George A. Reid House as Part of OCAD U Creative City Campus Project

The historic George Reid House officially re-opened on Wednesday September 26th 2018, after a renovation as part of OCAD University's Creative City Campus Project.  The Federal Government donated $1M as part of Canada 150 in support of the renovation, which created new event, meeting and program spaces, modernized the interior spaces, and created additonal display spaces for artwork.  This phase of the project kicked off the remainder of the Creative City Project, as it had to be completed first for the funding requirements.  

CFMS provided the HVAC system commissioning, and just recently before the grand opening, tested the operation of all the new HVAC equipment associated with the renovation.  We worked alongside the controls contractor to review programming and system operations.  

Jurij Dziuba of CFMS was the Project Manager, and when asked what was interesting about the project for him, had the following to say:

"On levels 1 and 2 they have foundry studios and mould making studios and ceramics studios, so it was cool to see some sculptures that were in process and complete. On Level 3 is more digital arts stuff – digital media labs, recording studios, animation labs.

It’s not a huge building, but definitely different and more interesting stuff (artwork) inside that what we typically see."

George Reid house was the original campus for the Ontario College of Art (OCA as it was known back in the day).  It was unique even in it's time (1921) as was the first buidling to be build specifically for the purpose of education in the visual arts.  

As part of OCAD's committment to Indigenous learning, the building features a permanet art installation by Couzyn van Heuvelen that is worth checking out.  

Learn more from the OCAD website.

View CFMS Project Manager Jurij Dziuba's photo of it on Instagram.

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