November 22, 2012

10 Considerations When Choosing a Commissioning Company

Before working at CFMS, I worked on the building operations side of the industry.  It was then that Commissioning first crossed my path.  Now, in the ever increasing marketplace for Commissioning services, I have created an outline of what you should look for when considering Commissioning:

1. A company which ensures that facilities, systems and equipment meet design, installation, operational, and performance requirements prior to being turned over to the end-user

2. A company partnering to provide quality control with the resources, experience and expertise to accelerate the start-up and qualification of your facility.

3. Years of experience in the field and development of a commissioning process that ensures that your plant and equipment function as designed and that you can move safely and efficiently to full-scale operation.

4. Choosing a company maximizing your company’s return on investment, in the shortest time possible.

5. Ensures that the project moves through the commissioning and start-up phase safely and without surprises or costly delays.

6. Be committed to delivering quality service and ensuring this commitment is an integral part of the project involved in.

7. A company able to deliver a high level of quality services that meets clients’ expectations.

8. Able to work closely with operations team and the construction contractor and by employing a rigorous, process-driven approach.

9. A company that distinguish as a critical partner in the success of your capital expansion project and value that is added is an advantage to clients.

10. A company with previous Commissioning experience, successful track record and in-house resources (e.g., engineering, finance, operation).

Why Commissioning