May 3, 2018

CFMS Has Proven Project Experience

When recently putting together a proposal, I had to go back look at how many similar projects CFMS had done.  I could only think of a couple off the top of my head, but once I started looking found myself saying “Oh yes, how could I have forgotten that one!” or “Right, we just starting working on this one.”  Despite our having a database of all of our projects, I decided I needed to make comprehensive lists based on the project type, so I wouldn’t find myself scrambling the next time I was in this position.  And as the lists built, I was somewhat surprised by how much they grew.  Boy, we have experience in spades!

I have been with CFMS for over 12 years full time, and worked with CFMS part time before that.  CFMS has been around for over 25 now.  I shouldn’t have been surprised at the length of these lists.  It’s really NOT that surprising we do have such a vast catalogue of work experience.  We likely have seen it all when it comes to commissioning, and been inside every type of building.  Likely also inside a whole catalogue of mechanical systems too, especially when you think of major projects such as Terminal 1 at Pearson International Airport.

I have been managing our CFMS Instagram account for the past year, and I must say it’s fun, and interesting to look back on.  I think it’s great to share with the online community, just how much we do get out and about, and what projects we are working on.  Not to mention that (despite being engineers!) we have a sense of humour and artistic eyes.  So if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should HERE and see the range of our work, from the school boards we have worked with from our beginning, to the developing Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, to North America’s first fully digital hospital Humber River Hospital, to trendy Hotel X – there is lots to get insider views into, and a look at our vast project experience, through our eyes.

Here is a look back at the picture that became our very first Instagram post, as a teaser.  Do you know what it is?

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