December 20, 2018

CFMS Holiday Message from the President, Wendy Collins

Christmas carols are playing in stores and on the radio, which prompted me to wonder: ‘Does anyone roast chestnuts by an open fire anymore?’  That sentence conjures up warm and cozy images of sitting with family/friends in front of a blazing fire, of laughter and companionship.  We may not be roasting chestnuts, but we all have holiday traditions – whether it is spending quiet time at home, or visiting family and friends.  It may be a time to unwind with simple food and drink, or a time of celebration with an abundance of food,sweets and beverages. 

At our house we put up garland on the staircase and decorate a tree.  There are some bought ornaments amongst our collection, but my favourite ornaments are the ones the kids have made over the years.  As we delicately unpack each one, we reminisce and laugh about how each came to be.  There is one in particle that was made years ago in daycare and it was only last year that we figured out what it is.  We spend Christmas day with family.  My mother makes a traditional Christmas pudding, which is steamed and served with a warm, brown sugar sauce – so delicious! 

In the spirit of the season, I asked everyone at CFMS to share a favourite tradition, so please read on to find out more from our team…


What I enjoy most about-the holiday season is how everyone seems to slow down, relax and take it easy.We do a lot of get-togethers with family and friends so it is always a great time to catch up and enjoy some food and drinks.


One of my favourite family traditions is going to cut down a tree.  My Toronto area siblings, our partners and our kids all head out to enjoy time outdoors finding the perfect tree.  It’s a simple day that everyone enjoys regardless of their age, and really signifies what’s important about the season – spending time with loved ones. I’m also crazy about turkey dinner! 


The Christmas traditions with family are the best part to me. Tree cutting, decorating the house and tree with Xmas music playing, and finally driving around looking at Xmas lights with hot chocolate.


I love putting up the Christmas tree and enjoying all of the lights and decorations. I can never wait to put up the tree and I’m never ready to put it away. I love the holiday spirit in the air, the food, family traditions, holiday parties, endless holiday movies and most of all spending quality time with friends and family.


The festive holiday season is a chance to get a break from the busy work schedule, meet with family and friends we seldom or have not yet done so in the past year, regenerate our spirit for the new year and all its expectations (for better and for worse) and be thankful for the health and prosperity of our family and friends presently and for the new year that will be beginning. Opening a few presents with our immediate family is fun too on Xmas Eve (for all those Francophones) and Xmas day!!!

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