October 29, 2020

Employee Pandemic Q&A 2

In this edition of ‘Employee Pandemic Q&A’ we have CFMS Project Manager Jurij Dziuba:

Q: How have you adapted during these times (generally) and/or working from home?

A: At the beginning, working from home with the whole family around was tough and it was hard to separate work and personal time. With kids home and having to keep them busy during the day, the first little while both my wife and I would try to work while engaging with the kids. That was hard and not very productive. After some time, my wife and I learned to figure out each other’s schedules for the week and work around meetings, phone calls and my work on site. We quickly learned to work and be with the kids in ‘shifts’ – one parent works while the other is with the kids. Although it would push our days to be long and challenging, it was a great compromise to the situation!

Q: What do you miss most from pre-pandemic times?

A: Travel! – I definitely miss thinking of our next travel adventure, figuring out where we to fly to, researching things to do and see. Waiting in excitement for the vacation to come and experiencing the different cultures, food, and architecture. Being able to travel without a worry is something I can’t wait to come back, hopefully sooner rather than later.

It may yet be awhile before travel without worry is a reality though. Do you think other members of the CFMS team miss travel? Stay tuned to find out…

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