November 12, 2020

Employee Pandemic Q&A 4

This week for our Q&A, we have recently semi-retired Ed Trueman. Ed was CFMS’ first employee, and was a Principal until recently, when opted to slow down and start his semi-retirement. He’ll remain onboard for the near future, so let’s see what he’s been up to during the pandemic:

Q: How have you been coping during the pandemic? 

A: Fairly well, as up to the end of September, since COVID appeared in mid-March, I have had the opportunity the engage in a few ongoing projects outside the household, in particular MVH in being a healthcare facility was never shut down during the pandemic, which gave me at least some sense of accomplishment and more importantly a change of fresh air from being couped inside.

Q: What do you miss most from pre-pandemic times? 

A: I miss being able to visit family and friends freely without worrying about wearing a mask, sanitizing and social distancing to remain safe.

Q: What positive takeaways do you have from these times? 

A: I believe going forward things we have taken for granted will never be the same, but I believe if we continue to employ safe practices such as more frequent cleansing and social distancing in public places that we need to visit frequently ie pharmacies, grocery stores etc the public will be generally healthier, even contemplating wearing a mask in public places when the pandemic is finally under control.

Find out next week who is up with their Q&A’s!

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