December 4, 2012


Building mechanical and electrical systems are designed to maintain the building interior spaces at comfort levels for the humans that occupy the spaces. The main comfort levels are temperature, humidity, ventilation and lighting. The original design team for the building would have designed the mechanical and electrical systems to maintain these comfort levels.

The mechanical and electrical systems must be operated and maintained at the design intent parameters to provide the occupancy comfort conditions utilizing energy as efficiently as possible. Building operators would have been trained to maintain the design intent parameters. Unfortunately the efficiency of the building systems will deteriorate over time as changes are made in the building and new building operators replace the trained operators. As a result the building utilizes more energy than is necessary.

This problem occurs all over the world. Since the energy cost are normally paid by the tenants, building owners tend to cut back on operating costs and are not concerned with the rising energy costs. We cannot continue with this practice so several initiatives have been implemented by several countries. The most common initiative is for the Utility Companies to provide a financial loan to the building owners which will allow them to make improvements to mechanical and electrical systems. This practice has and is successfully reducing the energy consumption of many buildings. However, they have failed to overcome one common problem, the building operators can, and do, override system programs which can increase the energy usage of a building.

The only way to control the energy use of a building is to implement energy management programs, train building operators and implement an energy monitoring program on a daily basis.

The process that CFMS has adopted includes:

  • Completing an energy audit for the building
  • Completing a building systems audit
  • Completing an operations and maintenance audit
  • Completing a tenant requirements audit
  • Implementing energy management improvements
  • Commissioning the building systems
  • Updating operation and maintenance documentation
  • Training building operators
  • Monitoring the energy consumed dailY
  • Providing a monthly service to support the building operators

This program will ensure that the building energy use provides the occupant comfort requirements, it is efficient when compared to similar buildings and that these parameters will be maintained every month.

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