July 2, 2015

Fostering Client Relationships

Business is about relationships. Many people will argue that the primary goal of any business is to sell goods or services, but if that is your only aim you will most likely fall short of the mark. By fostering strong relationships with your consumers, you increase the likelihood that they will continue to do business with you in the future, as well as recommending your company or product to others around them.

There are two types of consumers: customers and clients. Both groups purchase goods or services, but the similarities end there. The term “customer” implies a short-term relationship that begins and ends with the transaction. Customers are normally one-time patrons of your establishment. They purchase your product because it is what they need, then they leave. At CFMS, we believe in creating clients, not customers. A “client” is a person or persons that not only purchases items, but is also under the protection and engages the advice and knowledge of another person or business. CFMS is proud of the long-term relationships we have built with our clients, both providing and receiving loyalty, respect and mutual benefits. Through these relationships, we have found that our clients are more likely to return for future business as opposed to going elsewhere.

Focus on nurturing strong relationships with your clients over searching out new customers. Your clients came for the products you offer, but they stay because they trust that you are looking out for their best interests. At CFMS, we provide our clients with the best service we can, effectively reducing the possibility that they may move on to other competitors, becoming customers again. The process of clients returning to customers can ruin a business, as losing a client means losing highly probable repeat business in the future, whereas losing a customer means losing one sale.

It seems simple, but the follow-through is the difficult part. Ensure to listen to your clients. Set up a way for your clientele to bring up issues, concerns or general feedback they have; social media offers a range of sites suitable for this. At CFMS we utilize our website (, as well as linkedin (all of our staff have profiles) for our public platforms. This allows our clientele or any other interested parties to contact us either as a company or individually. Also, always be honest and open with your clients. If you lie or make false promises, you undercut not only your personal credibility, but also the credibility of the business you represent. People respect sincerity so instead of trying to dodge a problem, accept that it exists and work to create a solution. Finally, stay in contact with your clients. It doesn’t have to be business related, you just need to reach out to them to let them know you are still there if they need you. This will keep you on their mind and ensure that the next time they need something, yours is the first company they call.

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