September 7, 2017

Happy 4th Anniversary of CFMS Ownership to Wendy and Ed

Hard to believe four years have passed since CFMS founder Mel James officially passed the torch over to Wendy Collins and Ed Trueman.  As Mel slowly wound down, and moved towards full retirement, it was a natural fit that Wendy and Ed would take over the helm.  Both have had long standing careers with CFMS, and relationships beyond mere co-workers with Mel.  CFMS stayed in the family, which is just the right fit, for a small, independent commissioning company.  It is precisely our family feel that makes us stand out from our competitors, and gives us an edge.  As Wendy and Ed have been with CFMS for so long, they have built solid foundations with our long standing clients, and know exactly how to service new customers, all while mentoring other CFMS employees.

Ed was the first to join Mel after Mel started CFMS in 1992.  In his time with CFMS, Ed has worked on international projects such as the Canadian Chanceries in Bangladesh and Nigeria.  He has been involved in numerous police, fire and EMS stations.  Recently he was part of the prestigious Humber River Hospital – North America’s first fully digital hospital.  When LEED emerged, Ed was the first at CFMS to get his LEED designation, and has followed as LEED has grown, changed and adapted, making his expertise unparalleled.

Wendy joined CFMS soon after, and was a key member of the team when CFMS provided commissioning for Terminal 1 at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.  Her extensive Building Automation Systems knowledge made her a natural fit as leader of our large portfolio of school boards projects, and her longest client relationship with the Simcoe County District School Board goes back over 18 years!

Congratulations on all your years of service to CFMS, but especially your 4th Anniversary as owners!

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