January 16, 2018

Happy New Year, in the Tech Age

Welcome back to the CFMS blog for our first post of 2018.  Hope you had a great end to 2017, and enjoyed some downtime with your family and friends – in person that is!  The hot topic that seems in headlines since getting back to routine life post-holiday season, seems to be how smartphones are essentially ruining our lives, especially our relationships and the future of the next generation.  People are calling on computer/tech companies to change the devices to make them less addictive, and Facebook recently announced that they would be changing their newsfeed to have less commercial and news content.  On the opposite sentiment of the above, I also heard on CBC news, how the Navy is planning to put WiFi on their boats, to encourage better connectivity to families when sailors are at sea.  The speaker noted how for the younger generation of sailors it’s increasingly important to have the ability to be in more frequent and personal communication with loved ones.  So, maybe smart phones aren’t ruining life for EVERYONE.

Since we returned to the office this January, we’ve reflected on how little we use our desk phones these days.  A lot of our interaction with clients still does rely on actually SPEAKING to our clients, as we often have too much to say to do so via text.  Indeed, it’s hard to imagine life without a smartphone – for business at least.  It sure makes our lives at CFMS easier to be (relatively) easily reached by clients while we are out and about on site (as we often are), and to be able to review and respond to emails without having to get on a computer and a network.  Smartphones can make for better efficiency within our work days, so we can better take care of our customers, and hopefully we get more time with our families at the end of the day.  What do you think – could you revert to doing business without a smartphone?

Talk is also about how Artificial Intelligence will being doing all our jobs soon anyway.  We provided commissioning for North America’s first fully digital hospital – Humber River Hospital, and are currently providing commissioning for Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital, which is paving the path to be a ‘smart hospital’ – the first in Canada.  (You can read more about what that means for HRH here and MVH here.)  And there sure has been a lot of buzz about the proposed Waterfront Development ‘Sidewalk Toronto‘ which is planned to be a whole ‘smart (mini) city’… welcome to 2018, it seems we are getting closer to the future being now.  The question is, how do you feel about it?  Do you have any resolutions to use technology to streamline your life to make it better?  To spend less time on technology?  To be in better touch with friends and family (whether on a phone, FaceTime, or in person)?  To be healthier, and thus avoid going to a hospital (digital, smart, or not)?

Well, we might not be able to help you with those or your other resolutions, but if your resolution is to obtain commissioning services to control costs and time, and ensure your building is performing at it’s peak, we CAN help with that, so contact us today! to start 2018 out the right way.

And all the best for 2018 from CFMS

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