July 30, 2013

Happy Summer from CFMS!

By now hopefully you’ve managed some vacation time, and are in full ‘enjoying summer’ mode.  Whether you’ve had time at the cottage, further abroad, or time locally to enjoy a park, patio, beach or other offerings in the GTA, time off is certainly one of the highlights of summer for most!

Here at CFMS our employees have had some time off for R&R – from those who enjoy time off to spend with their family to those who are the type to venture overseas; it’s great to see our employees having fun, even though summer tends to be a busy season for us!   Our work with various school boards keeps us especially busy during the summer, as a lot of work gets done while the students are out of school.  Full day Kindergarten retrofits are also keeping us busy, to ensure schools meet the requirements for the growing FDK programs.

Seasonal performance testing is another area keeping us busy during the summer – making sure the building systems are meeting the design requirements for keeping occupants comfortable during the hot and sunny summer days.  Building systems are really put to the test, as well as the Building Automation Systems, when dealing with high and fluctuating temperatures outside.

Nor does construction cease during summer, even when it’s 40 degrees out!  There are a lot of exciting projects we are involved with at the moment, including ‘Hotel X’ – more than just a hotel, an exciting entertainment complex located on the Exhibition grounds, looking to achieve LEED status.  (Read more on Hotel X here: )

Thankfully though, this project is still in the design stage, so we haven’t had any steamy construction site visits for our team to this one!   But some construction sites we’ve been visiting include: the Library and Gym addition at Centennial College Ashtonbee Campus, the Thompson Residences, Fashion House, and Nexus Condominium Developments, Gore Meadows Community Centre and Library, Hydro One office renovations.  We are glad to be part of the team ensuring that the future occupants of these spaces will be comfortable whatever the season and temperature outside might be.

Likely as part of a lot of summer routines, you’ve visited a patio for a cocktail or beer, or enjoyed one in your own backyard as you’ve tended the BBQ for a summer gathering.  We’ve been busy all over Ontario for our work with the LCBO, bringing our employees everywhere from countryside towns to the nation’s capital.  But I think our employees much prefer the drive during the summer months as opposed to the winter months, and they get a chance to see the beautiful Ontario landscape as a bonus for all the hard work they do while on the road!  It’s always nice to be reminded how beautiful our own home is, and get ideas for future vacation spots.

And what a summer it has been weather wise!   For all that the forecasters were calling for a cooler than usual summer, we’ve had our fair share of heat, tempered by cooler days like today that almost invoke autumn… but with another month plus of summer ahead, am sure the thermometer is going to spike again.  I hope your building systems have been getting you through – if not, contact us to find out how we can help!  And if you are in the process of starting design for a new project, be sure to consider us for your team – contact us to find out the benefits we bring to any project!

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