March 19, 2020

International Day of Happiness 2020

These are tough times for the whole world, as we cope with the spread of Corona Virus (COVID-19). As March 20, 2020 marks the International Day of Happiness, we thought we’d share what makes the CFMS team happy both on and off the job, to help spread some positives.

Jurij Dziuba, Project Manager said:

Things that make me happy off the job: watching my kids learn and grow, and seeing their personalities evolve.

Things that make me happy on the job: Building relationships with people through working together and achieving goals.

Wendy Collins, President said:

Being outside, my dog and being outside with my dog.  And that applies to both on and off the job. 

Allan Hearn, Project Manager said:

What makes me happy on the job:

  • The changing scenery of working on site. The job may stay the same, but it’s refreshing to have the backdrop change every so often.
  • Seeing a project close out with no deficiencies. We look for potential issues that could affect a building’s performance and efficiency. When these issues are addressed, everybody wins.

What makes me happy off the job:

  • A day on the golf course.
  • Road trips.
  • Teaching my 2 year old son how to throw a baseball.

Aysha Perera, Administrative Assistant said:

“Happiness to me is preparing a nice meal for my family, keeping a clean & tidy home & entertaining visitors.  Happiness is also knowing the purpose to life & being confident of the future. At work, I find happiness in completing my tasks & bringing about something of value.”

Ed Trueman, Vice President said:

Happiness is heading home after a long day’s work, having some time with family, and enjoying the evening before the next work day.

Happiness is watching your daughter grow up to be a mature and inspiring young woman, and her pursuit of her goals both educationally and emotionally, and her desire to share such things with her parents. Happiness at work is meeting Client expectations and goals, helping employees fulfill their objectives, and providing guidance even if not expected.

Nicole Stoangi, Project Manager said:

  • When teams work together in challenging situations to achieve a common goal.
  • Fresh coffee.
  • Seeing clients enjoy use of their newly constructed/renovated space.
  • When our four-legged friends visit the office!
  • Working with great people.
  • The Toronto Raptors!

Kristine Quan, Manager of Marketing and Administration said:

At work it makes me happy to feel part of a team, to help and support my co-workers, and feel like I make a difference. And when the sun is shining and warming my back while sitting in my office!

Outside of work, I’ve lately been focusing on going for a hike at least once a week, whatever the weather. As I started this in the fall, I’ve been out in some interesting weather! But it always makes me happier, as it connects me to the world around me, it helps me breathe, and I love that when you pass people on the path out in nature, they seem to always smile and say hello – so different from when you pass people on the city streets. It’s been a great happiness project for me. Otherwise, spending time with my family and friends, good food, travelling, art, reading and my dogs – to name but a few – are things that bring me joy.

Now is a good time to reflect on what makes us all happy. So take a moment on this International Day of Happiness to think about what makes you happy.

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