July 12, 2022

Owners – Keep in Touch With Your Commissioning Provider!

This may be a general statement, but Owners/Clients who hire commissioning providers directly tend to keep in touch more. It may be because they are more aware of the benefits of having a commissioning provider and keeping them abreast of the commissioning process on their projects. They may also be aware their commissioning provider will offer unrestricted progress updates based on their work on site.

On the other hand, many times commissioning providers are hired due to requirements of a standard – for example: LEED, Toronto Green Standard, etc. In fairness to these Owners, they may not know exactly what commissioning is or what their provider will do for them. This is a great opportunity for commissioning providers to educate their Clients. We are there to test and verify systems, ensure the Owner’s requirements are being met, and to assist with the handover process from construction to occupancy. We want to make sure the building is handed over in a positive and beneficial manner, and that the operations team is ready to take over the facility.

Just remember, commissioning is a requirement in many standards because it has proven to be beneficial is so many ways. Talk to your commissioning provider, we enjoy keeping our Clients updated on their projects!

Why Commissioning