March 2, 2017

Project Blog – York University Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence

The Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence at York University continues to create discussion around its architectural design, and this has brought many awards and recognition for the design team. The building is definitely not your typical square shape with a brick or glass envelope. The inspiration for the design is described to be clouds floating over a rock; and after spending time before and after site visits, watching the building progress through construction, the final product appears to mimic just that. The building definitely stands out in its surroundings of heavy concrete buildings, and seems perfectly located adjacent to Stong Pond.

Aside from the architectural aspect, the project pursued LEED certification and CFMS was retained as the commissioning agent. York University understands the value of commissioning and rather than providing solely LEED Fundamental and Enhanced commissioning services, CFMS managed a more in depth commissioning process which included: mechanical, electrical, communication and security systems. In addition CFMS was involved with preparing and guiding the commissioning team with the final system integration testing. All in all, completing the commissioning process for the project provided much success and benefit in ensuring the building systems worked, integrated and met York University’s requirements.

The Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence not only stands out for its stunning design and construction, but also in functionality, operations and occupant comfort; a large part of which results from initiating a commissioning process early in the design stage and following through to post-construction.

Why Commissioning