May 28, 2015

Team Building for Successful Commissioning

A successful commissioning team requires more than just people who are technically minded. Don’t get me wrong, hiring a commissioning consultant who is technically strong is extremely important, but if they do not ‘play well’ with others, then the commissioning program may not be completely successful. There needs to be a team approach.

You can teach someone the technical aspect of the job but how do you instill a team mentality? One way is to lead by example. Obviously not all decisions within the office can be made by committee, but where possible we get together as group and try to include employees in the decision making process. We hold regular group training sessions so all can keep current with new technology. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions. We all learn from each other.

Recently we did something rather unconventional at our office. We opened a 1500 piece puzzle. It was task just to get the pieces sorted. When you needed a 15 minute break, it was a great place to stop by and put in a few pieces. We worked on it together. It has taken about 6 weeks but I am pleased to say that, as team, we got it done.

Most tasks are easier when everyone is committed to being a contributing member of a team. The commissioning team is no different. When we all work together to get the job or project done right and on time, everyone benefits. Contact us to find out more about having CFMS part of your next project team!


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