October 12, 2017

The Building of a New City – Vaughan Metropolitan Centre

Vaughan has actually been around a long time – with its first mayor in 1850.  But Vaughan has remained a relatively sleepy place in the GTA until recently.  In 1991 Vaughan’s status changed from a township to a city, and since then the rural/pastoral landscape has shifted dramatically, and has doubled in poplulation since then.  In 2009 plans started to better connect Vaughan to Toronto, and provide Vaughan with it’s own core business centre, offering retail and office space, condominiums and hotels, alongside community spaces.  Construction has been underway, and the goal is to have all related projects to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) by 2031, bringing urban to a previously suburban landscape.

CFMS has been part of the team for two large components of this:  the KPMG Office Tower (now completed) and the VMC Mixed Use YMCA Tower (currently under construction).  The KPMG Office Tower was one of the first to go up, and connects Vaughan with the TTC, VIVA, and York Region Rapid Transit.  It contains office space, retail space, and condominiums.  The project was awarded the 2017 NAIOP Greater Toronto, REX Awards, Office Development of the Year, and LEED Gold Certification.

The YMCA will offer the residents of Vaughan programs and services that promote mental and physical health.  The adjoining tower will have a library, community spaces, offices, performing arts centre, shops and services.  The official groundbreaking was in June of 2017, and is aiming for completion in 2019.  

CFMS is pleased to be part of this exciting development of a city!  Jurij Dziuba has brought his expertise to these projects, as CFMS Project Manager.

Learn more about the KPMG Tower, YMCA, and the overall scope of VMC.









This parking lot will be the future “Central Park” in Vaughan.

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