December 13, 2012

Understanding Building Commissioning

Over the past few months, CFMS has been conducting ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions for architectural firms who are interested in learning more about Total Building Commissioning and how it impacts all stages of the building process. The sessions are geared toward educating what a commissioning consultant should provide as part of their services – to help ensure at the end of a project the Owner receives a building that functions effectively and efficiently.

During the lunch and learn – a brief introduction about commissioning is provided, followed by an overview of the commissioning process and finally a question and answer period. Participants always have many great questions to ask, and we are pleased to answer and provide further insight to the commissioning process. It is always quite interesting to hear the questions that participants have and the areas where there are at times, misconceptions surrounding the entire commissioning process, what is involved in total building commissioning, and all the potential benefits of having a building commissioned.

With many commissioning consulting firms available on the market, it is very important for building owners and design teams to ensure they are hiring a professional and reputable firm, and that they will be provided with a commissioning plan which ensures quality control.


Call us today at 905-787-9449 if you are interested to find out how commissioning can benefit your project, or to inquire about a lunch and learn session for you firm.

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