September 5, 2012

Welcome to the CFMS Blog

Welcome to CFMS’s first blog post!  This is an exciting time for CFMS, as we mark our 20th Anniversary of CFMS, and the launch of our newly expanded website.  We are endeavouring to have a more interactive online presence, which includes providing a weekly blog column to provide visitors, clients and partners an opportunity to get to know us, and our business, a little better.
In our blogs you will find a wide variety of topics explored in postings from all of the CFMS team members.  We see blogging as a perfect platform to provide information that can be useful, insightful and helpful to the reader.  With today’s information overload, it can be difficult to remain in the know with industry relevant news and updates.  We are aiming to help alleviate that strain and provide summaries of industry related news to keep you up-to-date whenever possible.
Some upcoming blog posts include:

  • 5 Ways Commissioning Benefits the Contractor
  • HVAC – A Fight for Control
  • Keys To Successful Building Performance Post LEED Certification
  • Total Building Commissioning for LCBO- Yours to Discover!
  • Congratulations to the CAMH Construction Team!

As part of the blog experience, we look forward to your feedback too, so any comments or suggestions are welcome, regardless of stance.  We always welcome any discussion, so feel free to contact us if there is anything you wish to know more about or discuss further.
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