December 19, 2019

Wendy Collins is Celebrating her 25th Anniversary at CFMS!

CFMS President Wendy Collins is celebrating a significant professional milestone this year, her 25th (Silver) Anniversary!  In honour of the occasion we thought we would share a few well wishes received from people who have had the pleasure of a long term business relationships with Wendy, including CFMS’ Vice President Ed Trueman (who has known her since her first day at CFMS), to congratulate her on her success:

  • Our company’s relationship with Wendy and CFMS over the past 15 years has been an absolute pleasure.  Wendy’s professionalism and commitment to providing her customers with an efficient and functional product has inspired us in many ways to do the same. Flowset would not have achieved the success we’ve had without her involvement. Congratulations Wendy on you 25th Anniversary with CFMS Chris Pither, President Flowset Balancing Ltd
  • Dear Wendy, Through your impeccable talents and efforts you have developed a company with an unmatched reputation for integrity and fairness. Take pride in your accomplishments!  Congratulations on your 25th year anniversary Mark Remus P.Eng, Setpoint Building Automation Inc.  
  • Dear Wendy, Congratulations on your 25th work anniversary! I have wonderful memories working at CFMS and that experience has very much shaped my career. Thank you for your continued guidance and leadership – what an amazing achievement that deserves celebrating! Matthew Stoangi, P.Eng, Assistant Manager of Building Systems, York Region District School Board
  • Wendy Collins joined CFMS on December 19 1994, 2 years after I was hired by the founder Mel James in 1992.  It was not long ago that we mentioned Wendy in her twentieth year and now she has reached a quarter-century, doing what she does best – providing well managed and articulated direction to commissioning projects whether new, renovated or retro-fitted, with the goal to satisfy the needs of her Clients, Developers and Project Team members.  Wendy has shown the ability to not only fulfill her Client’s daily needs but also to concurrently manage CFMS itself, with its everyday highs and lows, since her appointment as President in 2013.  This is not to mention her dedication to her family life as well.  As Mel mentioned to me when she was first hired, “I believe this woman has the potential to do well and provide a significant contribution to our Company and society as a whole”, by golly he was right. All the best for the next 25 Ed Trueman, Vice President, CFMS Toronto

Wendy herself had this to say about the milestone:

It is hard to believe it has been 25 years since I started with CFMS.  It sounds like such a long time, but in reality, the time has passed quickly.  The largest change has been technology.  It does not matter what sector you work in; technology has changed how we all conduct business.  Fax machines have been replaced by email.  Our document storage is more virtual than physical.  Our hard-wired desk phones replaced by wireless smart phones.  Today equipment and system designs are much more efficient.  Building systems successful communicate through protocols which were only in their infancy 25 years ago.  This journey has been made enjoyable by the owners, consultants, contractors and colleagues that I have had the pleasure of working alongside, as well as the support of my family.  25 years ago, on that first day, I could not have imagined that I would be where I am today.  Like then, I cannot imagine what the future will bring, but look forward to it all the same.

Join us in congratulating Wendy on this milestone anniversary!

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