August 13, 2018

Why Do We Witness Equipment Startups?

CFMS Project Manager Jurij Dziuba was recently on site waiting for a startup to begin, and so took note of these thoughts about them, to share with our readers:

Why do we witness equipment startups?

  1. To review and verify the proper paperwork is completed.
  2. To make sure the startup is properly completed and any outstanding items or deficiencies are noted. This helps ensure when the startup is resumed, the next technician is aware of startup tasks that need to be completed and to ensure all deficiencies were rectified.
  3. To verify all equipment operation and safeties are verified and documented.
  4. When attending startups for a Client that we commission multiple projects, we have a better understanding and knowledge of specific needs or settings that need to be implemented. This helps ensure smooth transition to the functional testing stage.
  5. One reason which may not be as obvious is to build a relationship with the Contractors and Manufacturers. When we build a good relationship, it ensures a proper startup is completed and there are no surprises when everyone has the same end goal. It also helps with future projects as we tend to run into the same Contractors and Manufacturers on multiple construction sites. It’s always nice to see a familiar face.

I am sure there are lots of questions you may have about Commissioning – feel free to contact us anytime to learn more about why Commissioning makes a difference on all construction projects!

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