March 27, 2018

Why Our CFMS Engineers Became Engineers

As Engineering Month winds down, here is a little insight into how the Engineers at CFMS went in the engineering direction, and what they like about engineering.

Wendy Collins, P.Eng., President:

My interest in engineering, and all thing mechanical, began at my grandparents family farm.  I was fascinated by the machinery.  It was amazing how the tractor could pull, and then power so many different pieces of equipment through the PTO (power take off).  I loved to watch how the hay baler when pulled by the tractor, collected the hay from the field, packed it together and ran the string around it to form the small rectangular bales.  The fascination continues today.  I enjoy working in mechanical rooms and verifying the equipment.


Ed Trueman, P.Eng., Vice President:

As a young teenager, with better thoughts on organized sports at school and home, rather than academics, I worked my summers on a dairy farm surrounded with fascinating equipment such as tractors, balers, mixers and the like, including  silo unloader and  waste removal systems.  As I got older and approached graduation from high school, while continuing to work the farm during summers, I became more interested in how people designed farm equipment and wanted to design farm machinery too, which would work better and be safer to operate.  Thus I enrolled in a pure and applied college program in Quebec then in an engineering degree at the University of Guelph’s OAC – and the rest is history!!!


Jurij Dziuba, B.Eng.(Mech), CCP, LEED AP BD+C:

Growing up, I always enjoyed building things or tinkering with things – and still do to this day. My parents must have been aware of this, and in high school started pushing me to take courses that would get me into an engineering program in University. The academic parts of university were not always my favourite, but I always enjoyed the hands on portions. Now working with CFMS, I get to see when thoughts turn into designs and are then physically built. Our work throughout the commissioning process allows me to enjoy both the design side of engineering and the hands-on side of engineering.


Nicole Stoangi, B.Eng.Mgt.:

Engineering is the art of solving problems; that is exactly what I love about it!

Growing up in a household of engineers, I think it was in my blood before I had a choice.  I always admired my dad and brother’s ability to design or fix almost anything and wanted to gain that same level of understanding of how things worked so that I would be able to do the same types of things. Being handy and able to solve problems myself has always been important to me.

Today, I get to see building designs come to life. I’m involved in the design and construction process of the very buildings that we live, work and learn in every day. Through building commissioning, we ensure that buildings are safe and comfortable environments so that occupants can focus on being the next Picasso or Einstein! Buildings are a crucial part of our ever-growing urban society, and I am happy to contribute my part to it.


Engineers play a crucial role in all our lives, so Happy Engineering Month to all!

PS:  What inspired you to take the path you are currently on?



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