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December 13, 2022

Seneca College's Odeyto featured in the Globe and Mail

Recently the Globe and Mail wrote an article on Seneca College's Odeyto - a multipurpose facility that is home to FirstPeoples@Seneca.  It has office space, a computer lab, kitchen and space dedicated to Indigenous Elders.  It’s the only destination for Indigenous teaching, learning and gathering of its kind between the 401 and Barrie.  Architecturally, the design was inspired by both a canoe and a longhouse, by an award winning collaboration of Gow Hastings Architects and Two Row Architect.

An exerpt from the article:

"And although the first little bit of this learning, socializing and gathering space is a renovation of an older bit of the school’s architecture – a classroom – the good folks at Gow Hastings Architects and the Indigenous-owned Two Row Architect have ensured that, even here, there are no traces of grey, institutional blandness. From the Indigenous drums and artifacts in the various wall-niches to the vibrant pink neon sign spelling out “Don’t be shy” in Cree syllabics (by artist Joi T. Arcand) over the computer station, one immediately feels warmth and shelter."

Read the full article from the Globe and Mail to learn more about Odeyto and why it's a significant addition to not only Seneca's Newnham Campus, but to the Greater Toronto Area.

CFMS is proud to have been part of the team for Odeyto.  Learn more about our role providing commissioning.

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