April 20, 2021

Earth Week 2021 – Commissioning and Sustainability

Another Earth Week is upon us, so we are taking this opportunity to reflect on our contribution to sustainability. Commissioning/Re-Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning are all useful tools to help ensure a building is performing as efficiently as possible, which is why you see them utilized for popular programs such as LEED and Net Zero construction. Our first LEED project was in 2007, at Metro Centre – 225 King Street West, and since then we’ve gone on to amass an impressive project list, including prestigious projects such as:

And many more!

We are quickly building our list of Net Zero projects as well, with exciting projects such as Western North York Community Centre – on track to become Canada’s first net-zero aquatic-based community centre. But the positive environmental impact isn’t limited to recognized programs like LEED or Net Zero alone – whether or not you are pursuing points to have your building certified with any designations doesn’t change the value of commissioning itself and the role commissioning plays in creating energy efficient, sustainable buildings.

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