October 15, 2018

Enjoying the Journey (to Site anyway)

The role of a Commissioning Consultant requires us to spend time in the office – managing paperwork, reviewing documents, generating pre-functional and functional scripts, and writing reports.  We are also required to be on site – attending meetings, conducting inspections, witnessing static and dynamic tests, as well as witnessing functional tests.

The journey to site can be interesting, as there are sometimes fun things to see on the way to a project.  While the road construction can be a bit frustrating, you do get a chance to see what new buildings are going up.  But there can be even more interesting sights to behold.  Have you driven on highway 93 between the 400 extension and the town of Midland?  There is a home that creates a seasonal display using stuffies and other props.  Yes, you read correctly, stuffies.  There is a set up for Canada Day and  back to school, as well as several others.  In my opinion, fall is definitely the most beautiful time of year.  As the air turns cooler, it is just amazing to watch the leaves change colour.  Greens change to yellows, reds and oranges.  There are road side stands selling pumpkins and other products from the fall harvest.  Soon enough there will be Christmas displays, and another year will come to a close, making way for a new season of construction and new sights to see.

While the work on site is always interesting, as the saying goes, getting there can be half the fun.

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Some things never change – like our work related road trips.  Read an old CFMS blog from October 2012 about what another employee thought of the road trips he took.

Wendy Collins, P.Eng.

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