March 8, 2018

Happy 184th Anniversary of Incorporation, Toronto!

This week marks the 184th ‘Birthday’ of Toronto, the day anyway that Toronto was incorporated as such.  Let’s not forget the history of this land before that day, and that Toronto is situated on land originally belonging to those of the Wendat, Anishinabek Nation, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nations, and the Métis Nation.

Myself, I’ve lived in Toronto my whole life, and realized I am the only CFMS team member who was born and raised in Toronto.  I’ve seen a lot of changes in Toronto in my time.

CFMS has always been a diverse group, from our Welsh founder Mel James, to staff that have come from near and far within Ontario, Canada, and Internationally.  Having been in business since 1992, CFMS was originally located in mid-town Toronto, on Eglinton Ave.  We have completed many projects in Toronto, and as such, have really seen Toronto grow during our years of business.

Being the CFMS Torontonian, I have found many of the projects we’ve done of personal interested to me over my many years working with CFMS.  I have had the pleasure of seeing our waterfront improved (with Corus Entertainment’s Headquarters of Corus Quay), heritage buildings being restored (such as Toronto Police Services 51 Division), and green building initiatives fully take hold (the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario Headquarters is LEED Platinum Certified), and that pleasure is compounded by knowing the company I work for is part of all these great improvements to the Toronto cityscape.  Growing up in Toronto, I’ve traveled pretty much every corner by now, and so whether during working hours, or in my personal time, I’ve witnessed the changes to Toronto CFMS has been a part of.  It’s always a pleasure to point out to my family and friends the various projects CFMS was or is a part of when we travel about the city.

Indeed, it would be a challenge to try to count just how many projects CFMS has now been a part of in Toronto.   From office renovations, retrofits and recommissioning, to expanded university campuses in the heart of downtown, to the ever increasing condo developments, to demolished old buildings making way for brand new architectural gems (read the blog about Bridgepoint Health below), I think we’ve done it all in the Toronto skyline that has changed vastly since 1992.

So happy municipal anniversary to the city I am proud to call home, and glad the company I work for is helping to keep you beautiful as you age!

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