April 7, 2020

Team COVID-19

When describing how to ensure a successful commissioning program we use phases like ‘creating a team’ and ‘partnering for quality control’.  It is important to build a team, and to ensure everyone understands their role and responsibility, whether as company or on our commissioning projects.

 And this could not be more important in the current situation, where we are unable to meet in person to discuss projects, schedules and issues.  In a blog from May 2015, I wrote about hiring a commissioning consultant that is a team player as well as technically experienced.  I went on to discuss team building within our own office.   As a team, in May of 2015 we successfully completed a 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle. 

This year, on international puzzle day we broke out the puzzles again, albeit on a smaller scale.  We finished a total of three 500 piece puzzles before closing down our office due to COVID 19.  Fun fact – it turns out most CFMS employees enjoy, I mean, really enjoy jigsaw puzzles.  With our office closed for the foreseeable future, it has been strange to work from home without the familiar faces of my CFMS colleagues.  We do meet Monday mornings for a Zoom conference however, and it is great to see everyone and get caught up, but not quite the same as seeing everyone regularly in person. 

I am very proud to be part of such a great team, made up of super people. I look forward to when we can meet in person again, and start our next puzzle.  Hopefully there are many more puzzles in our future!

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